The Annual Meeting of the JCI Senate in Finland will be held on 14. – 16.8.2020 in Joensuu. The theme of the occasion is “from log floating to high-tech”.

Accommodation: Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel Joensuu



Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel is the leading conference, banquet and event location in eastern Finland. It is located in the beautiful Sirkkala Park by the River Pielisjoki. Bus and train stations are located right across the street from the hotel. It is also easy to reach the hotel by plane, since the airport shuttle bus will get from Joensuu Airport to the hotel.


Friday 14 August   (Pre-registration needed, alternative programs)

9:00 – 16       

Golf Tournament (Finnish Senators Golf Championship), Karelia Golf Kontioniemi, shotgun 9:30



9:00 – 16       

Tour to Koli

Between the steep hills of Koli and the islands of Lake Pielinen are hidden some of Finland’s most diverse nature attractions. In addition to Finland’s most beloved national landscape, Koli and the surrounding area offer many exceptional nature destinations and experiences.

12:00 – 16     

Company visit and lunch in John Deere factory

“John Deere offers a new, easy and smart solution for forest machine operations.”


19:00 - 23      

Welcome Party, Restaurant Kerubi


Saturday 15 August


Seminar “from log floating to high-tech”, Business Joensuu / Tiedepuisto (“Science Park”)

Keynote speakers, e.g. Ms. Mia Mantsinen, CEO Mantsinen Group

“Mantsinen began as a logistic services provider for the forestry industries of Finland and in Russia. This business is still an important part of the Mantsinen operation, and the company handles about 25 million tons of round wood and other bulk materials every year. Today, Mantsinen is an international company with a strong local perspective.”


12:00 – 15.30

“National game with Karelian food”,  Kerubi Stadium

  • Finnish baseball stadium in Joensuu is a masterpiece of wood construction
  • Lunch included, surprise program

19:00 –    

Gala, Restaurant Riverside, Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel

Sunday 16 August

8:30 –

Senators’ breakfast, Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel

10:00 – 12     

The Annual Meeting of the JCI Senate in Finland, Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel